No-Dig Gardening – Can You Dig It?

My Basic Guide To No-Dig Gardening – Can You Dig It? Gardening, without digging, you say? Impossible! Or is it… It seems the gardener’s arsenal (read: shed) is chock-full of tools tailor-made for digging, whilst digging itself seems synonymous with the gardener’s work. After all, how man...

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Happy Halloween

Louies Home Grown Pumpkins. Enough pumpkin soup to feed the street…

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Claiming Our New Plot Yesterday!

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Apple blossom

The recent thunder storms have created some dramatic weather. I only wish I could capture it on camera! The change in light has a interesting effect on the garden, its plants and flowers.Reducing the amount of blossom on fruit trees at this time of year will produce an even, healthy and abundant cro...

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Grow Your Own

Saturday was spent with the vegetables!Managing to grab an hour in the garden with my young son was, as always a great pleasure. He’s only two and a half but together we managed to sow some beetroot, turnips and radish seeds.A trip to the bottom of the garden has become a weekly focus; feeding...

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Order your seeds

If you are finding these wet and dank days of late winter a frustration to your desire to garden, then perhaps flicking through the books, magazines and catalogues will help in planning what you can do when the weather improves. If like me you have very little time to amuse yourself in this manner t...

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Seasonal Sunflowers

In our own garden we have really enjoyed growing these giants. They were grown from organic seeds, called Russian Mammoths. Sown directly last May in our flower bed that was planned to give us cut flowers and to attract pollinating and predatory insects. They were very successful (admittedly with li...

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