• Glass Sculptures By Martin Evans
  • Glass Sculptures By Martin Evans
  • Etched Glass By Martin Evans
  • Glass Sculptures By Martin Evans
  • Furniture By Paul Sivell
  • Furniture By Paul Sivell
  • Continual Weave Hazel Fencing By Erik Phipps
  • Coppiced Hazel Gate By Erik Phipps
  • Mosaic Art By Boris Moscoff & Team In Seagrove Ward Garden

Working with Artists

We have been privileged to work with some very talented artists on some of our garden projects. Sculpture, bespoke furniture and craftsmanship can really help to make a garden sing.

On this page you can view some of the pieces that have been incorporated into some of the Isle of Wight gardens we have worked on.

To speak to us call our office on 01983 597935.

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The Artists

  • Martin Evans works with glass and runs a studio with his family in Sandown.

His website is www.gloryartglass.com

  • Paul Sivell works mainly with wood, and quite often a chainsaw. A lot of Paul’s work involves carving old trees.

His website is www.thecarvedtree.co.uk

  • Erik Phipps is a weaver and sculptor of wood and coppiced materials such as willow and hazel.
  • Boris Moscoff produces paintings, sculptures and glass work.

We are a creative company, and love to see the good use of art in gardens. If you are an artist interested in our work, and feel we may be able to complement each others projects, we’d be happy to discuss further.