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Veganic and Organic Gardeners

Looking after gardens veganically and organically.

It is a founding principle of our business to be as veganic, organic and sustainable as possible, and this is particularly evident in our maintenance service, which covers the entire Isle of Wight.

We do not use synthetic herbicides or pesticides, nor animal products such as blood, fish and bone, or manure but instead look to using a more natural and traditional approach. We keep weeds at bay with regular weeding, heat treatments and mulches.

We aim for a balanced approach towards pests, (such as aphids) encouraging predators (such as ladybirds) to visit and take up residence with suitable companion planting and by providing wildlife habitat areas.

By utilising natural fertilisers (such as seaweed extracts) we can help to keep your plants healthy and strong. A naturally healthy and balanced garden will be more likely to withstand pest attacks and extremes of weather. Being organic is not always the easiest or quickest option, but we believe it is better for your garden, family and pets.

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We care for lawns organically with regular cutting, seasonal scarification, aeration and a natural feed application. We aim to keep the sward and roots strong, and at times we tolerate some weeds. Sometimes we recommend relaxing a little on the quest for that perfect lawn, and enjoying a more bio-diverse sward. We can advise and implement on topdressing and overseeding, repairs and sow or lay new lawns. Lawns are often the first garden areas to show signs of drought stress or waterlogging, and so need to be kept healthy and strong through out the year.

Fruit and vegetables.

Within our maintenance schedules we can offer help with growing your own fruit and vegetables.

You may not have yet had the time or the energy, or think you do not have a suitable area in your garden for growing a crop, but even the smallest space can provide a healthy harvest. We can offer practical help in creating and preparing growing beds and then give you the advice, inspiration and support you need to get your fruit and vegetables growing. And of course all the produce will be grown organically, and at home – which is good for you, and good for your pocket too!

Green garden waste.

We encourage the recycling of your plant waste, leaves, clippings and prunings by composting, and reusing to grow new plants. This will add health and vigour to your garden.

We offer bespoke compost bays and containers that don’t look unsightly, and the regular turning of these heaps is included in our maintenance schedules. Usually within 12 months of this process starting we can return the homemade compost back to your soil as a mulch. Composting is the ultimate in sustainable recycling, and will save you money too.


We share our gardens with many wonderful creatures. We believe that to be wildlife-friendly gardeners is a successful route to a healthy and entertaining garden. We stand firm that all creatures have a part to play in our gardens life, and biodiversity is to be celebrated.

By using informed planting, careful pruning and timely tidying we can allow for the natural life-cycles and be apart of caring for nature. We can advise on the regular provision of food and water (such as seeds and winter berries) with planting and encourage a clean regular source of water for the animals living in our gardens.


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