Town Garden in Newport.

An example of a low maintenance town garden achieved with a smaller budget. Formerly an awkward and unusable space for our customer, both narrow and long and overlooked by neighbours from all directions.

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  • Garden design and planting plan.
  • By using a gently curving path from the house to the new garden room and by using minimal materials the space is practical and elegant.
  • Patio areas at either end of the garden offer a place to sit, eat and drink, and to make the most of the available sunshine at different times of the day.
  • Trellis along one side ensures a sense of privacy without reducing light levels, and complements the existing brick work.
  • Our planting plan proposed the use of Olive and Privet standard trees to walk under, adding vertical structure, focus and enclosure with out impacting on the limited space. Under-planting was to edge and soften the path, lavenders to release scent when brushed past, grasses and perennials for movement and scented climbers to weave through the trellis and over the fence. Seasonal bulbs would punctuate and add colour and excitement through out the year.
  • The customer enjoyed interpreting our planting plan and making it her own.