Planting a native hedge

Earlier this year we were asked by Matt Bowman, owner of the Stoneground Flour Company to supply and plant an indigenous hedge around his mill at little Duxmore farm near Havenstreet.
Matt grows organic certified cereals for his mill and has organic and free range chickens producing eggs.
We are also an organic business and believe organic gardening is better for people, the wildlife and for a sustainable future.
Thus on Matts’ land weed killers could not be used, but rather the ground was stripped of grass manually. After planting the hedging whips a really thick layer of local wood chip was used to help suppress any competing weeds and retain the moisture in the soil, around the new plant roots.
Matt is also thinking about the lands long term future and invested in trees for along the track to the farm and to screen his mill and farm buildings.

An avenue of 20 White Populars flank the track, Oaks, Ash and Maple were planted near the buildings, and the long hedge lines were a combination of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Viburnum and Dogwood. In time this will really add to the natural tapestry of this area which has been classed AONB.

All of these photos are taken 6 months after the planting.

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