Rose Arch and Pergola

A smaller but great project for us this January. Since moving to the Island we have been asked to create bespoke gardens and features, but on this occasion our customers asked us to replace an arch and pergola in their garden. The old versions had fallen away with age and the battering winds of the West Wight.

Our greatest success here was not only reinstating the features but also doing our best to restore and save the existing roses.

Each plant was removed, roots pruned, and a third of the older wood cut out. Once the new machined timber was installed, the roses were replanted incorporating some well rotted manure to the planting holes, and then mulched. The roses were tied back into the frame work.

In a month or so the soil will need a general purpose feed such as blood, fish and bone, and not allowed to dry out over the next two seasons whilst they re establish and send out new fresh growth.

It will not be long before this new pergola blends back into the garden, and the roses flowering freely again.

The use of arches and pergolas can add a sense of direction and intrigue to a garden space, here they tempt you on to the summer house and a well positioned bench. The striking flowers of the acacia tree and the scent of the roses and honeysuckles feed the senses as you are drawn through the walk ways.

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