Decking Out

A small court yard garden needed our attention recently. The property is part of a lovingly restored farm, and yet the combination of a contemporary design is softened and blended successfully by restoring the existing rustic timber.
Gardens not only have to look good but also have to combine with useful function.
Here the new deck area offers a level surface for seating and dining, whilst discreetly having a neat tool tidy and camouflaged washing line.

The steep gradient from the cottage to deck needed an additional hand rail, which was crafted from a matching local timber.

Planting, as always, will make a good design shine out. The first stage here includes ornamental grasses and a fern within the shingle, the deep purple of Heuchera combined with the Erigeron (that will happily self seed in between the timbers) and perennial Geraniums. The existing white climbing roses draw the eye and adds subtle scent.

In our endevour to keep sustainability in the heart of our business timber was sourced from local supplies where ever possible, the hard wood decking does not require any chemical treatments, the shingle is mined a few miles away and as much waste as was viable was recycled or reused. Other unwanted plants were safely transplanted to the adjacent gardens.
All in all a good job done!

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