Composting Week!

Last week, May 7th –  was National Composting Week!

So, I’m a little late with this blog, but please excuse me as i was distracted a little by reaching the grand age of 40 and of course, how best to celebrate!

It seems each day or week in the calender has something devoted to it, but i do like this particular promotion. These dedicated days help raise interest , and i guess thats why I’m blogging now.

I run a gardening service that tries to be sustainable and organic. We are on the Isle of Wight, and space is limited, and so good waste management is a must. We encourage our customers to recycle their garden waste in their gardens. We can help advise how to manage it, and even shred and turn it for them if they need the help. Our bespoke compost bays and containers have proved to last the test of time, and help keep a composting system manageable and productive.
We have a waste transfer license with the Environment Agency and we can deal with taking the waste away, in fact any excess organic will go for recycling to create compost en mass  that can be bought back from the council. But there are costs involved in this, and a greater impact of the Island with transportation.

A successful garden will have a healthy soil, and the compost created from your own waste can sustainably enrich this. Be aware though: composting is a lifecycle, not just a week long project!
Here are a few photos of some of the compost bays and containers we have made on the Isle of Wight.

Enclosed:with lid and removable front slats.

Enclosed container using local conifer timbers.

Turf stack: turning old turfs upside down

Leaf cages x 3 years!

Larger compost bays for a larger garden.

Leaf cage, wood store and compost bays.

Or, an of the shelf container.

 Hazel screening a plastic bin.

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