Daffodils following Crocus following Snowdrops

On my way back from meeting with a customer in Alverstone Garden Village, I drove home via Newchurch. A few days earlier Sukie Hillyard (who helps out with the National Garden Scheme on the Isle of Wight), recommended I paid the church yard in this village a visit. She told me it was the place on the Island to see snowdrops en mass.
Well, as i rushed along (being conscious of being late for tea with the family that evening) i was literally stopped in my tracks. Its not often i feel the wow factor- but in this moment i did.
It wasn’t snow drops that took my attention, but rather a blanket of Crocus.A friendly walker passed me with a smile and told me to go a little further toward the gravestones to appreciate the snowdrops. So i did- fantastic- snowdrops naturalising en mass- but i have to kick myself that i witnessed this at its tail end- as the blooms were fading.
Next year i vow to arrive earlier- depending on what sort of winter we have i suppose.
Never the less, if you want some crocus joy in your life- try and get to this church soon. I will remember for some time to come those crocus folding out to the sunset on that lovely hill in Newchurch.
My thanks to Sukie for the recommendation.

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