Compost Bay Projects

Create compost in your garden. When we maintain a garden we also help manage the green waste. These photos are examples of bespoke composters made by us and used by us. The organic compost produced is returned to the garden.

Timber: Tanalised soft wood. 4 bays with removable slotted fronts.
Timber: Local Western Red Cedar, 2 compost bays, wood store for wildlife habitat
Timber: Tanalised soft wood. Prop Lid and removable slotted front, finger holes.
Timber: Local Western Red Cedar. Lid and removable slotted front. Triangular bay behind shed.
Leaf Mulch Cages
Timber: Local Western Red Cedar. 2 x Compost, wood chip, and wildlife habitat bays.
Timber: Local Western Red Cedar. Leaf Mulch Cage
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