Planting a Beech hedge

Here are some photos of a project we are just completing. We have planted a native Beech hedge along the road side for a customer in Freshwater. Where there was just a strip of weeds we have prepared the soil with manure and feed and planted 94 locally grown Fagus Sylvatica. We planted in a staggered double row to give a full dense hedge. After a good watering we mulched the ground with a layer of wood chips sourced from a local tree surgeon. This will help keep the moisture in the soil, and suppress weed growth.

Beech makes a beautiful hedge throughout the seasons. Its leaves are pale green, becoming dark green and then yellow in Autumn. It will hold on to its brown crisp leaves through winter if pruned in late summer. We also chose Beech plant as the new hedge because it has a good resistance to honey fungus which has killed off a nearby privet hedge and cherry tree.

We under planted the hedge with150 daffodil bulbs which will start to brighten the garden from February.

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