If you enjoy browsing the web for gardening advice or ideas… here are some of our favourite and most visited web sites. We’ve also included some local Isle of Wight sites we like and a couple more general ‘life style’ sites. Its all very Green and Organic!
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National Garden Scheme

If you enjoy having a nose around other people’s gardens then this is for you! Use this web site to find out which, where and when your local private gardens are open to the public. Money raised at the gate is donated to local charities. The team at CAR Gardens will be visiting a few NGS gardens this year.

‘How To’ gardening sites :

C.A.R. Gardens are professional and commercial members of Garden Organic. They are a registered charity dedicated to researching and promoting all things organic. We find their research vital for us to provide an organic garden service. A clear and easy web site to use, and if you become a member you can give them a call for advice.

Garden Organic Catalogue

This is where we get lots of our organic seeds from. The site is good but makes more sense if you order the paper version too. The range of organic pest control is worth considering too. Join Garden Organic to receive 10% discount on orders.

Royal Horticultural Society
Another gardening charity we just couldn’t be without. Their knowledge is just about as definitive as it gets. Nice web site with loads of helpful information, and useful plant finder. Become a member and you get the privilege of speaking to an adviser personally.

Plantlife International
When redesigning, landscaping and maintaining gardens it is all too easy to forget about the natural habitats of plants and the pressure we put on them. The Plantlife website helps remind us how precious our natural environment is. We are proud to support this charity, as after all it is flora that our business is built upon.

Wildlife interest in the garden:

Find out about the mini beasts in your garden in this fun site. Read on and it doesn’t take long to realise just how crucial our tiny neighbours are for a healthy ecosystem. This web site is reason enough not to use pesticides and herbicides in our gardens or farmland.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Learn about beautiful bees in this lovely site. There’s an interesting page about gardening for bees too.

Wildlife trust for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
C.A.R. Gardens became Wildlife Investors in 2008, the first business to join on the Isle of Wight. The Wildlife Trust is a UK wide organisation with 47 local trusts. They work together to protect wildlife in towns and the countryside. We have found their work inspiring to take action for our natural world. Their web sites are packed full of information including promoting gardening for wildlife.

Local Isle of Wight Interest:

Ventnor Botanic Gardens.
Visit this site and you’ll soon need to visit The Botanic Garden on the Isle of Wight. A young garden full of plants from around the world, thriving in the unique micro climate of Ventnor. There’s a nice nursery with plants on sale grown in a sustainable way.

The Lavender Farm, Newport.
For all things Lavender, this is the place to visit.

Godshill Organic, Godshill.
What ever we can’t grow at home we look to these people first for our organic produce. They aim to equal or better the prices of supermarkets, and they’ll deliver locally too. The shop has the best selection of all organic produce on the Island, and it is an enjoyable experience to visit them! Buying locally and seasonally is made possible with farms like this. Godshill Organics are proof that sustainable living is viable.


Centre for Alternative Technology
There is an alternative! Visit this site to learn how to green up life, your home, and your garden. They have a good on line shop too.

Recycle Now – Going Greener in the Garden
This site promotes recycling, with hints and tips to help keep our waste from landfill. Living and working on a small Island makes you realise just how important it is reduce, reuse and recycle. C.A.R. Gardens take great pride in recycling our customers green waste into useable compost.

Friends of the Earth

If you want solutions to environmental problems then this site will be of interest to you. Climate change lobbyists. Their shop ‘the natural collection’ is well worth a browse; and if you get feed up with sending greeting cards, you could try their E cards.

Rapanui Clothing- Organic and sustainable clothing

A brilliant site by a local Island company promoting sustainable living. Their clothing range is pretty good too! Organic, fair wear and sustainable. C.A.R. Gardens have bought our team Ts and Hoodies from their range. Organic fabrics really do feel different! Check out their bamboo fabric for ultimate comfort. So nice though, you may not want to wear them for gardening!

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