Art in the garden

Since my school days sculpture has been close to my heart. I studied ceramics to degree level, and gained a strong sense for form and function. This training is applied to my gardens, and has forged a desire to incorporate interesting art in the garden.

I welcome artists to display their work on my web pages, and this is our first contribution from local Ryde artist, Steve Baxter.

Head for a garden: Welded steel rod, aluminum net, resin and oil colour. 2m x 1.4m.

Steve writes:

“I wanted to produce a large sculpture for ‘Cassie’s garden’ as the site I was allotted had room for something fairly substantial. However the brief was for a temporary work which was structurally sound but light in weight.

On the day we first viewed the garden the early evening summer sun lit up all the plants. I wanted that light to

influence the look of my sculpture, altering its appearance hour by hour.

The garden also has a sense of calm and order created by experience and sensitivity. The gardener selects plants to live together; assembling it’s many parts into a whole. I wanted to reflect this through a network of plant images joined together to form a single calm image. The reflection in the pond was an added bonus”.




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