And A Peaceful New Year.

Just to wish all our readers and customers a very peaceful New Year.

Do you have new year resolutions? I have already broken one of mine!

However, as a business we will continue to be resolute in 2008 towards becoming more sustainable and focusing on what is really important in life.

Obviously this varies from individual to individual, but if we can enjoy peace in what we do we will trust we are on the right course.

So how was your Christmas? Lovely we hope. Ours was a great family time, and having some time off from work allowed a little reflection for the coming year. We will keep you posted with our new ideas and projects, as they take shape.

Running an organic enterprise helps focus our attention on recycling, reducing and reusing, and with these principles in mind we ran a little analysis on our received Christmas cards.

Out of 100 cards only 3% were made from recycled paper. A further 5% had a claim to being environmentally aware and our favorite handmade cards totaled 9%. An encouraging 50% mentioned charitable donations.

Now I know we risk being called Bar Hum Bug, but we will be sending more E cards next Christmas, in an attempt to cut through some of this waste. We will contribute to charities with the saved pounds, and pass on the same message of goodwill.

Now that all the cards and decorations are down, there are plenty of places to recycle and support a renewable life with charities such as the woodland trust. Visit them at

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