Purple Haze!

Apologies for the break in uploading our latest blog. It has been difficult to know when the best time is too reveal more details of this wonderful project.
On reflection I don’t think there is.
Each month the ellipse bed gracefully grows, and indeed will soon fade in to the Autumn. I will post more photos to reveal how beautiful and useful herbaceous plants can be through out the seasons, even including as they die back.

Our customer here originally employed us to create a drought tolerant planting bed, within her tired lawn. Well this summer has been far from dry, but the plants has proved to withstand some other climate extremes.
Warren’s planting plan, and re designing of the functional yet dull path has added a totally new dimension to the structure of the garden, and in turn has attracted a huge array of sheltering and visiting wildlife.
Planting lavender along the crazy paving has also enriched the sensation of smell as you brush past.
Focusing on pinks and purples has linked the garden with the existed Lavatera and Clematis montana rubens.
Structurally impressive grasses have been employed to move and rustle in the breeze, and in time a Olive tree will grow and arch above the bed.

The close up photos here are Echinacea, Verbena, Sea holly, and Aster.

CAR Gardens has the pleasure of maintaining the garden on a fortnightly basis, utilising only organic principles, ensuring that not only does the garden look great but is also naturally sustainable.

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