Maintaining Gardens on the Isle of Wight

Recyling organic waste is paramount to sustainable organic gardening. It reduces the need for artificial fertilisers, and helps to create strong, more pest resistant plants. It also cuts down on environmental pollution that burning and dumping creates.

Creating seperate bays for different materials offers a neat and attractive way to manage garden waste, and offers shelter to the local wildlife.

Rather than sending rubbish away to the civic tips, we are actively encouraging our customers to compost their organic waste.

We are constructing these handsome and generous compost bays to hold the waste safely and neatly. With a litle effort the waste will in time break down to a compost which we will later return to their soils.

The bays are carefully constructed from locally felled Western Red Cedar, which does not need treating with chemicals, and thus have no leaching affect on the surrounding soils and composts. This helps to keep the micro organisms found within the heaps healthy and hard working.

If you would like advice and help with your organic waste mangement, please feel free to contact us.

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