Shelter for the wildlife

Encourage wildlife into your garden and tempt them to stay with food, drink and shelter.
A small pile of logs and sticks will attract insects, frogs, toads and small mammals. Just stack the wood up in a shady area, let them begin to rot against the soil and leave undisturbed. Before long a natural habitat will emerge, offering homes for benefical creatures and enriching the boidiversity in your garden. What could be a better defense against slugs and snails?

Insect predators such as ladybirds and lacewings and their aphids are welcome residents to any garden. They will help to control pests naturally with out the need of resorting to harmful chemicals. By drilling into the wood stack, or by installing an insect home as shown here you will be offering a place to shelter over winter, at night and during poor weather.

A wildlife friendly garden will provide extra year round entertainment for all ages, and will assist with the broader efforts of nature conservation nation wide. For more information about your local wild life have a look at the wildlife trusts websites for your area.

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