It’s compost awareness week, 7th – 13th May.

You can make compost simply by making a heap of organic materials in your garden and letting it rot down.
By covering it you will speed the process up by keeping the heat in, and the rain out. And by using a container and a lid it will be easier to manage and neater too!
This photograph taken in Marion’s organic garden shows 2 simple wooden boxes with liftable lids and sliding front panels. This allows for quick and succesful ‘turning’ of the decaying heap.
We found a medley of wildlife here, happily making the compost their own, and salvaged a good quantity of lovely dark and crumbly fertiliser at the bottom. Just right for a surface mulch around the flower beds!

For more information about why compost is good for our gardens, and for further advice you can visit and click on ‘in the garden’.

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