Fiveways Primary School.

We were commissioned by ‘Fiveways’ primary school in Ryde to enhance the playground for their younger primary school pupils. The teachers and pupils had a vision, which we helped implement.

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  • Raised planting borders and structures for the children to play around, hide behind and sit on.
  • Goal posts, benches, a bird table, and wildlife boxes.
  • This project was constructed from ‘jump poles’ and softwood decking boards.
  • The materials were chosen for strength, durability and safety, ensuring the school received a high standard and long lasting product.
  • The planting plan has the young pupil’s senses in mind. Lots of wonderful seasonal colour and structure changes, flowers and scents at different times of the school calendar, movement and even sounds with grasses and perennials blowing in the breeze.
  • The largest bed is designated for herbs including edible flowers.
  • Wildlife boxes for birds and insects add another dimension of education and fun, and help to keep the garden low maintenance.
  • A large bird table is reached by the children via an integral platform, so that they can take turns in feeding.


 Sally Davies, Head of Fiveways Primary School, Ryde said: “Thank you so much for all your hard work in the Fiveways playground. I am so thrilled with the new flowerbeds. You and your team were such neat and considerate workers and I am very grateful for all the effort you put into creating such a high standard product.”