Courtyard Garden in Maida Vale.

Before moving to the Isle of Wight Craig lived and worked in London, and started up his business in 2004. This garden in West London was designed, landscaped and planted in 2004-5. It is one of Craig’s earliest self employed projects.

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  • Garden design.
  • Hard wood decking.
  • Slate tiles.
  • Rendered walls.
  • Raised planting borders.
  • Neat chest storage.
  • Warm colours add to an ambiance of calm in the day, and come alive in the evening with garden lighting.
  • Planting: a mix of native and non native plants in rendered raised borders and an island bed provide a sense of lush enclosure and privacy in all seasons.
  • Recessed lighting, exterior stereo speakers and a discreet patio heater bring the space to life in the evenings.
  • Timed irrigation.

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