Good News: Stamp Price Hike!

Good News!
In the news yesterday, and in the papers today, Royal Mail has the right to set its own prices for its stamps. And what do they do? A price hike; of course. First class will be 60p as from April, and 50p for Second. Its pretty clear the first class price will continue to rise, too. I used to be a postie, and remember many years ago the management and unions discussing the need to increase their prices, indeed we probably had a days strike over it. I was always struck by the fact that a letter posted from the outer Scottish Isles would be delivered the next day any where in the U.K. And that this would cost the same as if posted and delivered within the same town?

So what is the good news? Well, its an opportunity for me to advertise our billing service. We bill our regular customers monthly, so theres no need to worry about paying your gardeners on the day. And since 2006 all our regular customers have had the option to receive their monthly invoices via email. If they take advantage of this service, we will give them 60p. Further to this if the invoice is settled on a regular basis via BACS we give them a further 60p. (if you don’t already do it, contact your bank as BACS is very straight forward, safe and quick).
So no need for any stamps, paper or envelopes, saving you money and time, and we’ll even give you £1.20 off your bill, just for making life a little simpler! Just one of the reasons to contact C.A.R. Gardens about your garden!
Our apologies to Royal Mail, but I’m guessing you’ll survive, reduce your losses and be sold on before long any how.

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