Moving into 2012

The Team: David, Warren, Sam and Craig

So, we are getting on track for the new year, that is 2012, by starting the day with a breakfast meeting at Olivio in Ryde. What a great excuse to eat and drink more luxury, continuing in the spirit of Christmas and new year fun and excesses. (Oh, and happy 40th Warren; we dig the cap by the way!)
But alas, its time for us to let go of  these pleasures,and to slow the chat. Its now time for us to step up to the spades and to tackle the gardens, full of renewed energy and enthusiasm, (albeit, at the moment full of egg and bacon)!

Last year was great for C.A.R. Gardens, and this year, I am resolved, will improve further. Here’s to making a positive difference, making more great gardening opportunities, and for making time for the occasional, yet essential treat!

Olivo Restaurant, Ryde

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