Organic garden maintenance

C.A.R. Gardens offers an island wide garden maintenance service that is honest, reliable and professional. We are proud to offer a personal and tailored service that will suit both you and your garden. We can be reactive, or schedule to visit your garden fortnightly, monthly or on a quarterly basis. After each regular scheduled visit a note is left by the gardener detailing the duties performed.

Garden management is a service that we are delighted to provide and we have a growing portfolio of great gardens that we care for through out the island. Our horticultural work is confident and professional ensuring that you can enjoy your garden both now and long into the future. If you feel we can be of help for your space please contact the office to arrange a free consultation in your garden.

Organics. Our business aims to be as organic and sustainable as possible. And this is particularly evident in our maintenance service. We do not use synthetic herbicides or pesticides, but instead look to using a more natural and traditional approach. We keep weeds down with regular weeding, heat treatments and mulches. We aim for a balanced approach towards pests, (such as aphids) encouraging predators (such as ladybirds) to visit and take up residence with suitable companion planting and by providing wildlife habitat areas. By utilising natural fertilisers (such as seaweed extracts) we can help keep your plants healthy and strong so that they are more likely to withstand any disease or pest attack.

Lawns. A healthy and balanced garden will also be more likely to with stand extremes of weather. Lawns for example are the first to show signs of drought stress and to combat this we include regular cutting, seasonal scarification, aeration and a twice yearly feed to the lawns in our care.

Fruit and vegetable. Within our maintenance schedules we can offer help with ‘growing your own’. You may not have the time or indeed the energy to be a part of this growing trend but we can be on hand to help. Your garden can provide a healthy harvest and we can play a part in bringing this to your plate. And of course all the produce will be grown organically. Good for you, and good for your pocket too!
Green waste. This is of course an inevitable by product of gardening. We encourage the recycling of your gardens clippings and prunings by composting them. We offer bespoke compost bays and containers, and the regular management of these heaps is included in our maintenance schedules. And within 6- 12 months of this process starting we can return the lovely compost to your borders.
Wildlife. We encourage the regular provision of food (such as wild bird seeds), and water for the animals living in our gardens. We will always care for the wildlife in your outdoor space.
Tools. We have a good range of hand and petrol driven tools at our disposal, ensuring our services are efficient and competitive.
Examples. Some of our gardens are private, some are commercial, some are small and some are large; but by always responding to our customers’ wishes, the atmosphere and the potential of the space we can ensure to maintain and develop its beauty. These photographs are examples of some of the gardens that we manage. Please click on the images to explore further.

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