A sunken garden in Bembridge

Where there was once a pond we have created a raised timber planting bed. Steps now give access to a paved area surrounding the chunky timbers. By raising the planting off the ground our customers have a comfortable height to work at and have planted the bed with beautiful Dahlias.
The now filled pond was a much loved part of the garden but the worry of grandchildren exploring the pond led to their request for us to turn the existing structure into a feature. After re homing the plentiful fish and wildlife we broke the bottom of the concrete pond and back filled with tonnes of local stone, and paved with reclaimed local paving stones. The timber is European FSC hard wood treated for extra protection. The interior of the timbers were lined with recycled ply from the sadly now closed Vestas Blades factory, painted with bitumen and filled with local IOW Council compost.

The beautiful Magnolia soulangeana tree above the landscaping was shaped by our maintenance team on a regular visit to the garden.

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