Permeable driveway and front garden

This project involved re creating a driveway and adjacent front garden. Under new legislation planning permission now has to be sought for non permeable front gardens and drives. Our customer in Shanklin was keen for us to design a hard surface for parking that allowed for rainwater to drain through the blocks as opposed to off and on to the road. To keep with the design the same principle and materials were employed in the garden area.
To help keep the street looking green and pleasant we also wanted to create a front garden that offered shelter and screening and adequate border space for new and old planting.
Allowing the water to drain through the hard surface into the soil below helps protect the environment in many ways. On mass it will help take the pressure of our old drains, reduce pollution from the hard surfaces, and reduce overflowing sewage. Rain that soaks into the ground naturally reaches our underground aquifers , and some will evaporate which has a cooling effect around the house and reduces dust.
Of course, maximising the planting areas not only makes the street look more pleasant, but also encourages more wildlife, offers screening and privacy, and tending the front garden may be good for neighbour hood spirit and community.

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