A driveway with a difference

Since earlier this year we have been enjoying maintaining and improving the gardens of these converted farm
buildings in Freshwater, west wight.

Our customers commissioned us to design and implement the new borders of this gravel driveway.

Warren spent time researching a dry river bed brief, and carefully choose combinations of plants to not only look great but also perform functions.

72 box hedging plants were deployed to form a formal edge to the driveway and act as a visual guide to traffic. Gaps left in the hedge keep the design fresh and innovative.

A combination of appropriate plants, beach rocks, cobbles and pebbles has successfully linked the renovated buildings to the local area and shore. A change in aggregate size and colour emphasizes the route to the bedroom door.

The photographs here show a happy combination of plants, offering some privacy with the black stem Bamboo and Pennisetum with its bearded bristles; disguising necessary down pipes with Hebe watsons pink, Artemsia indoviciana with its aromatic silvery leaves, and Nepeta and Myosotis to scrawl across the stones.

In order to create a low maintenance project we spent time feeding and digging in moisture retentive local horse manure, covered the ground in a weed suppressing membrane, installing a leaky hose timed watering system, and mulched the area with pebbles.

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