Chelsea Garden Show 2007

An inspiring trip?

I tried a slightly different approach to the show this year. Prior and during my visit I did not concern myself with the medals, reviews or the television coverage. With a uncluttered head, (albeit a little fuzzy from a beer or two the night before) I enjoyed a clear view of the show, at least until the crowds appeared! I have tried to control my snaps this year; here are some of my favourite gardens. You can click on the images to view them enlarged.

Planting combinations and colours were of particular interest, and any reference to growing your own definitely graped my attention! There were some lovely uses of trees, adding a further dimension to the small spaces.

Keeping with the current fashions, there was a noticeable increase in the use of the word ‘sustainability’. All in all a good progressive show, which left me inspired and with a buzz that has sailed back with me to the Island.

I don’t think one needs to get too tied up in the lust for originality, or in deed too conscious of horticultural ‘rules’. The gardens that were most successful for me were also the most fun, and the most beautiful.

For more details about this years show you could click on the bbc web pages.

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