Planning an ellipse planting bed

This latest design is in a lovely garden in Havenstreet. Fed up with the effects of such a hot and dry summer our customer approached us to redesign a section of her struggling lawn. Warren Oldershaw, the latest gardener to join our forces, has created this brilliant out line plan, elevation drawing and planting list.

The central ellipse planting bed is crucial to creating a sense of movement in the avaliable space. The planting list is thoughtfully considered and includes beautiful plant combinations, whilst being suitable for a hot and dry summer bed.

The thread of colours through the bed will pick up on the customers wishes for pinks, blues and silvers. The taller grasses and Verbena will add a sense of movement and sound in the breeze. Warren explains his interest in stimulating our senses in the garden a little further; “…the low lavender hedging will be brushed past as you walk along the path, releasing the aroma of these wonderful plants”.

May be you have a difficult area in your garden that you need some inspiration with. Please feel free to contact us and a member of the team will be pleased to discuss your thoughts with you.

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