a wildlife friendly garden

This was our last main project for the hot summer of 2006. We were thrilled to be comissioned to create a garden that was great to look at and smell, to sit and relax in, to share with friends, to be straight forward to look after, and to be alive with the local wildlife.

Being situated in a conservation area we knew that fauna could not be far away, but we needed to encourage it to stop and take notice of what was on offer.

By intoducing fragrant flowers through out the seasons we were instantly on to a winner. With the plants still in their pots the air around the garden began to buzz.

With the soft landscaping on its way, various hard elements were used, but chosen carefully. The wattle hurdles are totally sustainable, do not need to be treated with harmful chemicals, and look great. The oak barrels are reclaimed, and the Sycamore tree that was felled during the works was reused in the garden to create a shelter for small mammals, amphipians, insects and micro organisms. A native silver birch was planted else where in the garden, to offer some vertical insect and bird habitats.
Water was introduced in a good looking cream metal water butt and matching watering can. It was positioned to catch the rain water from the shed. The open top of the butt attracted a frog in it’s first day.

Low maintenance? We believe that gardens are to be relaxed in, so encourage the wild life in to help you take care of your precious piece of nature. It can look and smell beautiful, be tidy and cared for and still be wonderfully ‘wild’.

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