Marion’s Organic Garden

Marion was keen to have her garden brought back to life.

It has been created with the health of the environment in mind, as seen in these photos. (clicking on them to enlarge may help). Pesticides are avoided, and green waste recycled and reused to help enrich the soil.

The myriad of creatures that make up the natural world in her garden have been considered, with 2 compost heaps, a pond with a bog area, insect shelters, and bird feeders. Even energy has been considered with solar panel accent lighting.

The developing garden is successful visually and practically, with raised vegetable beds for ease of working, and the fences assisting cordon trained apple and pear trees.

Organic gardens may be neat or wild, small or large, formal or relaxed,full of crops or ornamental; but they will all endeveour to be fit and healthy the natural way, with out resorting to synthetic materials.

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