Christmas 2015 and New Year Holidays.

The C.A.R. Gardens team are hanging up their tools for a well deserved rest and the office will be closed from December 21st until January 4th. We look forward to being of service again in 2016. Yuletide wishes to one and all.

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Alan Titchmarsh has something to say about C.A.R. Gardens.

Since moving down from London to the Island, and over the last 11 years, C.A.R. Gardens has grown and we have enjoyed success. 2015 has been a particularly busy and successful one, working with our regular customers, new and old; helping a customer with a family wedding held in their garden; working...

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Wight in Bloom 2015 Category 5 winners. Our Chemotherapy Garden!

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Happy New Year! Happy New Career! On the Isle of Wight!

We are looking for a Landscaper and two Gardeners to join us from January and February 2015. The Landscaping situation is vacant now. Full time and permanent. This is an exciting career opportunity for the right person. If you are interested please have a look through our website, and in particular ...

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We have been in business for 10 years.

C.A.R. Gardens is 10 years old today. Thank you to all those special people who have supported us, and helped us get to where we are right now. A really big thankyou goes out to all the team members (past and present) who have worked so hard to achieve so much. Brilliant designs, landscapes, gardens...

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Editorial in Island Magazines for Freshwater and Yarmouth

 Nice write up in ‘Island Magazines’ for the West Wight. If you need help in your garden, do get in touch- we offer an Island wide service, and In the West Wight area David and Warren are available to take on the care of more gardens. Island Magazines for Freshwater and Yarmouth: The SE...

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Insurance details

www.SimplyBusiness.co.uk Public Liability : £2,000,000Employers Liability : £10,000,000 View our policy details

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We’ve been busy moving: Craig Antony Ratcliff | Gardens 15 Winton Street, RydeIsle of Wight,PO33 2BX Office: 01983 613907 Mobile: 07940 598145Web: www. cargardens.co.uk E-mail: acorns@cargardens.co.uk

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Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2008

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Merry Christmas!

Craig and Warren would like to say a big thank you to all our loyal customers who have helped support and grow this little enterprise, that is CAR Gardens. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Peaceful New Year. We are looking forward to a bright 2008. Look out for lots of […]

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‘Blackle ‘ an energy saving idea!

www.blackle.com We have made this our home page in the office at CAR Gardens. The idea is that a bright monitor screen uses more energy per pixel than darker ones. Seems to make sense. It may be that the amount of energy saved is slight, but if we all dropped the usual white Google page […]

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Van tastic!

Here’s our latest tool! CAR Gardens has invested in a second van, to assist in our pledge to offer a reliable Island wide service. All it needs are those infamous spiral graphs… watch this space! We have also invested in a new range of smaller tools, horticultural products, treatments, l...

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London under turf

Barefoot in the square On my recent visit to the city I was pleasantly surprised to be able to feel the cool grass underfoot, whist admiring the sand blasted Nelsons’ column. Apparently it was laid as a celebration of London’s village culture. Hmmm… well, I’m not sure about t...

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Green Motoring?

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) provides a vechile break down service, whilst campaigning for a sustainable transport system. They aim to promote sensible and responsible motoring with a view to ”improving our world”. The term ‘Climate Change’ is aquiring increa...

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The National Garden scheme

The national garden scheme is a charity that helps raise funds through the opening of gardens in England and Wales. The ‘yellow book’ and leaflets give details of these gardens and events. You can look out for them in local garden centres or on line at www.ngs.org.uk. This friendly websi...

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Marion’s Organic Garden

Marion was keen to have her garden brought back to life. It has been created with the health of the environment in mind, as seen in these photos. (clicking on them to enlarge may help). Pesticides are avoided, and green waste recycled and reused to help enrich the soil. The myriad of creatures that ...

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We’ve moved!

We’ve upped sticks from Willesden Green to Ryde, on the fantastic ‘gardening Isle’ of Wight. A huge thank goes out to all our London customers; it has been a privilege to meet you and care for your precious gardens. Your generous references are totally appreciated.We wish you all t...

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A hot and dry flower bed

These new flower beds, created and planted by C.A.R. Gardens have to work in a very hot and dry site. As an entrance to a property, and viewed by many neighbours it was important to look and smell great too!The large grass was chosen for its abundant oat like seeds that nod in the breeze. […]...

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Buzzing for our attention

Gardening can have a real impact on our wildlife. www.bumblebeeconservationtrust.co.uk has more information about the problems and the future of bumblebees, planting solutions to help attract these beneficial insects and some great photos. CAR Gardens can advise on organic garden solutions that will...

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Shelter for the wildlife

Encourage wildlife into your garden and tempt them to stay with food, drink and shelter.A small pile of logs and sticks will attract insects, frogs, toads and small mammals. Just stack the wood up in a shady area, let them begin to rot against the soil and leave undisturbed. Before long a natural ha...

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Plant of the week

Dicentra ‘spectalis’, and ‘alba’.Commonly known as bleeding heart, this is an elegant perennial, flowering from late spring until early summer. It thrives in damp shady positions, and works its magic to great effect in the woodland garden. Enriching the soil with organic matt...

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It’s compost awareness week, 7th – 13th May.

You can make compost simply by making a heap of organic materials in your garden and letting it rot down.By covering it you will speed the process up by keeping the heat in, and the rain out. And by using a container and a lid it will be easier to manage and neater too!This photograph […]

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Arboricultural Services

Trees in our gardens also need attention and maintenance from time to time. We recommend employing fully insured and experienced arboriculturalists for consultations, reducing and shaping. The decision to fell this Leyland Cypress was taken due to it’s sheer size in relation to the domestic ga...

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Bursting with new life

These beautiful blooms have been photographed this week on our garden maintenance round. A cold but sunny week.You can see more details of what services we can offer at www.cargardens.co.uk

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Thinking of the birds

for more information on helping the birds in your garden why not visit the rspb website If you are worried about ‘bird flu’ then why not follow the links to discover more… and put your mind at ease.

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Recycling rain water in the garden

Using a down pipe and diverter, rain water can be easily stored for future use.Not only is rain water sustainable, it is softer on your plants than the tap.This water butt is made of 70% recycled plastics. For more ideas on how to conserve water and the current news on hose pipe bans contact your [&...

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Galvanised planters made to measure

Brighten up those grey days and dull corners with metallic containers and generous planting. The Strawberry Tree here has been underplanted with Lily of the Valley, Tulips, and Daffodils. Or do you need some space for vegtables and herbs? Then why not use your pots as easy to manage raised beds?

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recycling garden waste in action

Craig learns about composting on a large scale!

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spring approaches

the droppy flowers of helleborus and snowdrop, naturalise well in damp shade.

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here’s whats been of interest to us recently…

www.simplyswitch.com www.treeforall.org.uk www.nhm.ac.uk www.greenfuel.org.uk www.greenchoices.org

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